Why Veker?

If you need a rubber seal, it’s got to be Veker

We produce custom-made gaskets and extrusions for each project, so communication really is key. Our team is approachable, friendly and here to share their expertise for an end product that’s spot on. Our design team will liaise with customers to offer advice, helping to enhance sealing solutions as well as giving suggestions for cost savings.

Why Veker Technology


Our purpose-built factory is filled with industry-leading technology for every stage of the manufacturing process. From production, via printing, moulding and lubrication, to packing, we have the skills and the technology to deliver an outstanding result.

Why Veker Speed


When time is tight, we have the capability to get production underway in as little as 24 hours. With service this reactive and flexible, our clients know they can rely on us to deliver to a deadline.


We may move quickly, but it’s never at the expense of quality. Our processes are designed to produce top quality gaskets and extrusions without delay. That’s also why we’re able to do it at such a competitive price.

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